Writing Center Tutoring

Sbcc writing Center tutoring 
Tutoring for the Spring 2023 semester begins on Monday, January 30th and ends on Thursday, May 18th.
We look forward to supporting you.

Meet with a Writing Center Tutor
In-Person Writing Support

IN-PERSON APPOINTMENTS and DROP-IN Tutoring in the CLRC (located on West Campus)

Remote and Online Writing Support 

ONLINE APPOINTMENTS and DROP-IN Tutoring through Pisces (Pisces is located in your canvas courseshell)

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
  • Friday: 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
    • To access Pisces, click the Pisces tab located in the left menu of your Canvas course shell.
    • On the next screen,  scroll down the list and click "Writing" to enter the online tutoring space for the Writing Center.

Please feel free to stop by the CLRC or contact us at writingcenter@sbcc.edu or call us 805-730-4463 with any questions.

More about Tutoring at the SBCC Writing Center

The Writing Center is here for YOU

    • One-on-one tutoring for any writing assignment for any class 
    • 45 minute sessions
    • Focus determined by the student
    • Help at any point in the writing process
    • Beneficial for writers at all levels
    • FREE for currently enrolled SBCC students
    • A proven key to student success at SBCC: 

Students who use the Writing Center have better outcomes in their classes!

How we help you become a better writer

We help you gain strength and independence as a writer by supporting you in the learning process and connecting you with resources.  

    • YOU set the agenda
    • Participate in a student-centered dialogue
      • Build on what you already know
      • Enhance critical thinking skills
      • Increase self-awareness
    • Leave with a plan for what to do next

We look forward to meeting you!