Computer Resources

Santa Barbara City College's Cliff campus has over 1,200 computers available for student use. See the chart below for the location of the various labs and hours.

Lab Location Student Access Extensions Platform
Allied Health & Nursing A 277, A 277F Allied Health and Nursing Students 4181 Thin Client
Assessment SS 250 Student Body 4149 PC
Assistive Technologies / DSPS SS 272 DSPS 4164 PC
Business Division Computer LABs BC 3rd Floor Business Division 4267 PC
Career Center SS 282 Student Body 4131 Thin Client
CNEE A180, A181,A182 CNEE & Electronics Dept. 5153 PC
Communications BC102 Communications Dept. 4392 Thin Client
Computer Science H245 Computer Science Dept. 4202 PC
Campus Center Kiosk Lab Campus Center Student Body   Thin Client
Digital Arts Center - Lab A174 Media Arts Students 3517 Mac/PC
Digital Arts Center - A173 A173 Media Arts Students   PC
Digital Arts Center - A172 A172 Media Arts Students   Mac
Digital Arts Center - A171 A171 Media Arts Students   Mac
Drafting OE12 Drafting Dept. 4368/4236 PC
EBS Lab EBS215 EBS 3499 Thin Client
EOPS S 240 EOPS 4078 / 4079 Thin Client
ESL/Modern Languages Lab H328, H327 ESL/SoML 3558 / 3497 Thin Client
Journalism ECC15 Journalism Dept. 3448 Mac
Library Eli Luria Library Student Body 4444 Thin Client, Chromebook, Mac
CLRC Learning Res Cntr Student Body 4470 Mac, PC, Thin Client
Math IDC109 Math Dept. 4273 Thin Client
Music DM103 Music Dept. 4179 Mac
Photo Lab OE184 SOMA Students 4080 Mac
Physics PS117 Physics Dept. 4112 Thin Client
Sciences H244(inside H245) Science Students 4202 Mac, Thin Client
University Transfer Center SS144 Student Body 4347 Chromeboxes
Video Production H237 Video Production Students 3569 Mac