Faculty Tutorials

Faculty Portal - Faculty Accommodation Letters

Faculty Steps for Viewing and Confirming Accommodation Letters

This tutorial introduces faculty to the DSPS Online Services Faculty Portal and the Accommodation Letter format.   DSPS students will submit their DSPS pre-approved accommodations directly to instructors using the Portal.  Instructors will be able to receive, review  and confirm these requests through the portal environment. This video describes the steps involved in processing these requests.  

Faculty Portal - Using the Test Booking System

Faculty Steps to Confirm DSPS Test Bookings and Upload Exams

This tutorial introduces the online Test Booking component available to Faculty through the DSPS Online Services Faculty Portal.  Faculty will receive the student’s request (date, time) for taking an examination and can approve the date and time or deny a request.  When approved the student’s test is scheduled at the DSPS Test Center.  In addition to this automated booking process, instructors will be able to securely upload tests through the portal to the DSPS Test Center.  The video describes the steps involved in processing test booking, confirmation, and uploading examinations.