Earth 130v - Geologic Field Studies - Hawaii Volcanology

January 8-19, 2023

Earth 130V is a twelve day excursion on the big island of Hawaii to study the geology of the island in general, with an emphasis on the volcanic processes of Kilauea volcano. The course is offered as part of the Fall 2018 class schedule, but will take place during the winter break between semesters. 

Hawaii Info Sheet to come

Earth 130V is field oriented (a lot of hiking!), using principles and concepts learned in first year geology classes and applied in the field to understand and interpret earth processes. Students are required to keep a field notebook, complete a mapping project, take morning quizzes, and actively participate in geologic projects, discussions, and critiques. This is truly a unique opportunity for you to visit, study, and interpret the processes of an active volcano in a beautiful, tropical setting.

**Course fees do not include airfare**
**Course begins and ends from Hilo Airport **

Arrival - at Hilo International Airport no later than 9 p.m. on Jan. 8.

Departure - from Hilo International Airport between noon and 8 p.m. on Jan 19.

Cost - $910 to cover lodging and most meals. Airfare is NOT included. LAX to Hilo round trip is about $700. 

Transportation - Ground transportation provided for academic instruction, to and from the airport.

Accommodations - We will be staying at the Holo Holo Inn - a hostel in the town of Volcano, one mile from the edge of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  We will be the only guests at the hostel.  More information can be found by going to: Holo Holo Inn.  Bedding is provided; however, towels are not.  Free wireless on site, and laundry facilities are nearby.

Food - Since the Woolly cannot span an ocean, we will be in charge of making and cleaning up after our own meals.  We will have a big kitchen with all needed supplies. We expect everyone to pitch in.

Kristen Sneddon, Eiko Kitao, and Kevin McNichol will provide instructional and logistical support.

  Purchase at SBCC Bookstore


 “Explore the Geology of Kilauea Volcano” provided as part of the  course fee


 Notebook and note-taking supplies


 3-ring binder

You will receive 2.5 units of credit for taking Earth130V.  Grades are based on your field notebook, morning quizzes, other exercises (one mapping exercise planned so far), and your active and enthusiastic participation on the trip.

To qualify to enroll in this course, you must be enrolled or have passed one of the following courses:

ERTH 111, 111L, 112, 113, 114, 115, 125, 126, 131, 132, 133, 141, 151, ENVST 115 or GEOG 101

How to Be a Participant

Register for this class via Pipeline. This course is open to any qualified student as part of the Fall ’18 class schedule. Add the course on Pipeline (CRN # 44069), and pay registration fee and field course fee within 7 days. If you do not pay the fees within 7 days, you will be automatically dropped from the class. Additionally, if you have an outstanding balance of any other fees on your account and it is not paid within 7 days of registration, you will be dropped from the field course. Be sure to check your Pipeline account! 

Please Note:

Conditions - The weather will be highly variable so expect all conditions.  Volcano Village is at 4000 ft. elev. and is cool (highs in the upper 60’s) and wet (109” of rain/yr.). Note location of the town of Volcano on this precipitation map: Hawaii Weather and Rainfall Map

Expect rainy days on the summit and east sides of the island, and sunny days on the west side.

Hiking - This course has more hiking than other SBCC field courses.  Some days have 6-9 mile hikes (bring good hiking shoes).  The volcano is fairly flat and these miles are spread out over the day - but you need to be in good shape.

Rock Collecting - Collecting and rock hammers are forbidden in the park and strongly discouraged due to cultural sensitivities outside of the park.

Special Gear - We have a snorkel trip planned, so bring your own snorkel and fins (if you own it). Other gear includes bathing suit, hat, sunscreen, Teva or Chaco style sandals to wear in the ocean, rain pants, rain jacket, weather seal for your boots.  Optional - gators for your boots as sometimes we will walk in wet grasses and your boots will get wet.  Suggestion - short pants in the day, long pants at night, layers on top (including a layer for rain).  You will need to bring a 3-ring binder, field notebook, colored pencils, and a hand lens. We are used to going on SBCC field trips to dry, arid climates, however, we will be experiencing rainy, wet, and humid conditions.  Make sure to bring enough water bottles and hydrate regularly.

Announcements - You will receive all announcements via Pipeline.  Please check your Pipeline account and e-mail regularly.

Academic Course - This geology field course is an academic course, not a vacation, or party.  You should be prepared to work and study during both the day and in the evening.

Airfare Info - We want to leave the booking of airfare up to each person as some have mileage credits or some may wish to arrive early or stay late, and come from various departure locations.  Make sure to book early and check on special offers and deals on websites like Expedia or Kayak.  Book early - recommended no later then Nov. 15th.  Also, make sure you book for Hilo(ITO) and not Kona airport, which is on the opposite side of the island. 

Refund Deadline - Nov. 15.  After this date, if you withdraw from the course, you will not receive an automatic refund.

Extra Money - There will likely be some additional costs for personal items (souvenirs, laundry, shaved ice, snorkel gear etc.) Bring money for these expenses.

Remember as with any SBCC field course, there will be no drugs or alcohol allowed from the time we pick you up at the airport until the time we drop you back off.


For more information, contact Kristen Sneddon,