Technology Students


Class Descriptions

MS Excel Basics for Beginners| CMPW NC062 | Class provides a slow-paced introduction to basic concepts and functions of Microsoft Excel.  Topics include creating a spreadsheet, using formulas and functions and creating charts

Computers for Beginners | CMPW NC022 | Students with limited or no computer experience learn to perform basic tasks, including how to turn a computer on and off correctly, send and receive email, and navigate the internet.  Course may be taught bilingually

Creating Compelling Content | CMPW NC081 | Analyze your brand and your core audience to find your authentic voice and create content such as text and images that are relevant, valuable and engaging

Email for Beginners | CMPW NC041 | Basic introduction to e-mail including how e-mail works and its uses, setting up an e-mail account, reading and sending e-mail, and dealing with attachments.

Facebook for Business | CMPW NC014 | Facebook is a powerful tool to grow and promote your business. Create effective profiles, groups, and ads. Learn how and what to post to achieve your goals

*How to Use a Computer Keyboard and Mouse for Beginners | CMPW NC020 | This course gives students an orientation to the computer keyboard and mouse.  No previous typing or computer experience is required

*Computer Keyboard and Mouse basics and tips

Introduction to Handheld Devices | CNEW NC070 | This course teaches students the practical use of a variety of handheld computer devices and provides tips on how to use these devices effectively in a work environment.

Introduction to the iPod & iTunes | CMPW NC036 | Students learn how to download music, videos, and podcasts and organize, play, and sync them to iDevices.  Topics include iDevice applications, including calendars, contacts and games.

Introduction to the Macintosh | CMPW NC030 | Basic Macintosh computer class designed for those with limited or no experience with computers.  Students learn basic functions and how to perform simple computer tasks using Macintosh software.

Introduction to MAC OS X Level 1 | CMPW NC031| Students make, name, rename, and find files and folders in Mac OS. Students also learn how to operate popular Mac OS programs-Safari, Address Book, and iCal.

Introduction to Mac OS X Level 2 |CMPW NC031| Level 2 course reviews more Mac OS programs and provides an in-depth examination of Mac OS, including ways to adjust preferences and settings to customize the Mac.  May be taught bilingually.

 Introduction to Windows |CMPW NC024 | This class is an introduction to the Windows Operating System.  Students will explore Help, windows navigation and management, file management, desktop customization, and other Windows Operating System tools and applications

Keeping a PC Hard Disk Clean and Organized | CNEW NC103 | Students learn to clean and optimize a PC hard disk drive, maximizing performance.  Topics include techniques for garbage identification and the removal of malware.

Learn to Type | CMPW NC021 | Course teaches correct finger and wrist placement and keyboard reaches. Students can brush up on keyboard skills, increase speed, and learn techniques and strategies to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

LinkedIn for Business | CMPW NC017 | Students learn to use LinkedIn to develop business through relationship marketing. Topics include building a professional brand, marketing a company, showcasing credentials, getting business advice and reconnecting with former colleagues.

Living the iLife | CMPW NC037 | Students learn how to use Apple's iLife suite of programs - iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, Garage Band, and iWeb-to produce and distribute creative ideas through words, pictures, music or video.

Microsoft Office for the MAC | CMPW NC035 | Brief introduction to Microsoft programs for the MAC: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Topics include basics of the programs and how Office programs work together.

MS Access 1 | CMPW NC   | An introduction to Microsoft Access. Topics include how to navigate an existing database, create a database, manage records and run a simple query, and generate and adjust reports and forms. Course Advisories: Working knowledge of Word and Excel.

MS Access 2 | CMPW NC83B MS Access 2: Tables/Queries  - Covers how to better improve the integrity of data by managing relational databases and using tables for referential integrity, creating data entry and data validation rules, and using  

MS Access 3 | MS Access 3: Forms/Reports  Covers how to analyze and share data using find, sort, and filter records in forms, create, modify and print reports. Other topics include advanced form features, advanced report features and how to utilize charts in forms and reports. 

MS Excel 1 | CMPW NC63A | An introduction to basic concepts and characteristics of Microsoft Excel. Students explore various uses of spreadsheets. Topics covered include the basics of creating a spreadsheet, using formulas and functions, and creating charts.

MS Excel 2 | CMPW NC63B | Excel topics include working with large and multiple worksheets and workbooks, managing lists, creating and managing tables and conditional formatting.

MS Excel 3 | CMPW NC63C | Advanced Microsoft Excel topics including defining advanced formulas, data validation, lookups, ways to transform data, custom views and macros.

MS Outlook 1 | CMPW NC58A | Provides a basic hands-on introduction to Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft's premier email and information management program. Students learn how to stay up to date at home or work by using Outlook to set up an account and connect with colleagues, customers, family and friends. Topics include how to use basic aspects of Outlook to do email, handle people (contact) lists, maintain a calendar and track tasks.

MS Outlook 2 | CMPW NC58B | CCovers many of the built-in tools of Microsoft Outlook to better manage email, contact, calendars, tasks and notes. Some of the topics include organizing email using folders; sorting and filters for better efficiency; importing and exporting contact lists; prioritizing, tracking and delegating tasks; and using notes.

 MS Outlook 3 | CMPW NC58C | Covers many of the built-in tools of Microsoft Outlook to become more efficient with email, contacts, calendars, tasks and journal. Some of the topics include organizing with flags and categories, tips to quickly locate items, customize people (contact) using photos, linking and folders, using shared and multiple calendars, delegating tasks and tracking time with journal.

MS PowerPoint 1 | CMPW NC55A | Teaches students to turn facts, figures and photos into a creative display of slides, outlines, graphs and multimedia using Microsoft PowerPoint. Students learn the basics of presentation design and how to use templates, insert graphics, add animation, rehearse timings, and run and share a presentation.

MS PowerPoint 2
| CMPW NC55B | Covers how to enhance an existing Microsoft PowerPoint presentation by modifying objects, animation and transitions. Other topics include inserting slides and templates from other presentations, creating and modifying templates, rehearsing timings and running a presentation, and sharing a presentation.

MS PowerPoint 3 | CMPW NC55C | Covers integrating Microsoft PowerPoint with other programs and the World Wide Web, collaborating with a workgroup, and producing and delivering an on-screen slide show in class

MS Publisher 1 | CMPW NC An introduction to Microsoft Publisher. Topics include how to create a variety of desktop publishing documents including newsletters, greeting cards, business cards, postcards, brochures and flyers.

MS Publisher 2 | CMPW NC73B   MS Publisher 2 Covers many of the built-in tools of Microsoft Publisher to customize layouts, utilize master pages, create and modify templates, prepare publications for printing and save publication in shareable formats 

MS Publisher 3 | CMPW NC73C MS Publisher 3    Covers the design set feature of Microsoft Publisher that enables a cohesive group of publications to be created for marketing purposes, as well as the mail merge feature that allows for sharing publication more efficiently  

MS Word 1 | CMPW NC51A | An introduction to Microsoft Word functions for document creation, including entering text, revising, formatting, previewing and printing. Students practice on a variety of documents. 

MS Word 2 | CMPW NC51B | Using Microsoft Word to create a novel, family history, dissertation, thesis, operations manual, or business and/or academic reports. Covers layout/structure features including applying styles; table of contents; outline view; page setup; choosing fonts; controlling line, paragraph and page breaks; and many more.  

MS Word 3 | CMPW NC51C Covers creating, managing and formatting tables in Microsoft Word and using Microsoft Word mail merge to create letters, labels and envelopes.

Optimize and Upgrade Your PC |CNEW NC102 |Students learn hardware and software tools and strategies to improve the productivity and increase the efficiency of PC systems. Course teaches how to optimize the PC’s operation and how to upgrade memory, disk drives and other components at a reasonable cost to extend the life of a PC system or design and build an entirely new system. Topics also include how to rid a system of viruses and spyware and how to back up a system and valuable data.

Optimizing Photos for Internet & Email | CMPW NC042 | Students learn to manipulate photos for efficient e-mailing or uploading to the internet. This class develops photo editing and basic internet skills for business or personal use.

Pinterest/Instagram | CMPW NC016 | Students learn to market and expand a brand using Pinterest and Instagram and use them in their marketing strategies to develop a loyal, enthusiastic customer base for their brand.

Searching the Web | CMPW NC040 | This course defines the Internet and teaches students how to search the Web and get the results they need. Students learn techniques and methods to narrow search results and trouble-shoot difficult queries.

Setting up a Blog | CMPW NC080 | Create a blog by defining its goal, analyzing the core audience, developing a content creation plan, choosing platform and hosting options, designing, writing and promoting your posts.

Tech Talk: What's New in Computers and Technology | CNEW NC071 | This course explores the many practical questions that arise as computers, cell phones, eBooks, social networks, email, the internet and other technology become more central to our daily lives.

Twitter for Business | CMPW NC015 | Students learn to set up a Twitter business presence to leverage the power of real-time marketing, optimize and manage an account, engage with prospects, and find and follow influencers and leads.

Windows Basics | CMPW NC023 | Students will explore Help, windows navigation and management, file management, desktop customization, and other Windows Operating System tools and applications.

MS Word Basics for Beginners | CMPW NC050 | Students will learn how to navigate the computer screen and compose and edit a short document.  Class pace will allow students to become comfortable with the computer and editing techniques.

YouTube for Business | CMPW NC018 | Students learn to use YouTube to broadcast user/business-generated videos. Topics include creating a custom channel and building a following by uploading, editing and sharing videos that communicate a brand and engage an audience.