Art & Science in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands

Summer Short Program 2022

  • Experience the perfect blend of Art and Science in three of the most important countries for the subjects. Learn about the fundamentals of studio art and explore all the sciences (biology, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, geography, mathematics, physics, etc.) and their interdependence.

    For STEM, you will be able to engage with the class content through project-based activities and career exploration modules that will be carried out at different industrial sites, universities, and cities including Berlin, Munich, Dresden, Vienna and Amsterdam. Interact with a variety of scientific experts and complete laboratory activities out in the field. 

    The itinerary will also include many opportunities fo meet artists and learn about a variety of art mediums in conjunction with the basic principles and elements of visual art. The ART 140 course is ideal for study abroad because different mediums can be selected in response to the work viewed in museums and the experience of the landscape. In lieu of slide presentations and longer projects in the classrooms, you will meet for half-day class periods followed by a visit to a cultural institution where you will be able to see the classroom work in a professional context. Projects are all designed to be mobile so you can just as easily work on a park bench as a studio. Studio visits with contemporary practicing artists in Vienna and Berlin are selected to reinforce the connections between the arts and sciences as well as providing a glimpse into local life and current fine art practices. 

    Besides the excellent local cuisine and diverse landscapes, you will get a glimpse of the local culture and even discover the subtle differences between the cultures in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

  • June 26, 2022 (Depart from the US)- July 23, 2022 (Depart from Amsterdam)

  • Stephanie DotsonStephanie Dotson

    Professor Stephanie Dotson will be teaching ART 140, Studio Art Fundamentals. She currently teaches in the Fine Art department at SBCC and heads the Printmaking area. In addition to teaching, she has a committed studio art practice and exhibits her own work regularly, participating in group and solo exhibitions locally and nationally. She also co-directed a 2011 study abroad program to Cuba and co-directed a study abroad program to Germany in 2019, visiting  many of the institutions students will return to during the 2022 summer program.

    Originally from the Midwest, professor Dotson received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and MFS from the University of Georgia. After school, she travelled the country for artist residency programs before beginning her teaching career. She taught Printmaking and 2-D Studio Art at Indiana University for three years. During these lives she cemented one of her favorite things about being an artist:  long hours in the studio and making lifelong friendships over a shared interest in creating. These connections resonate through the study abroad program where students will meet local artists and professors she had the fortune to know during her career. The best way to learn an artist’s process is by entering their studio space and having a conversation, surrounded by their works in progress. The best way to learn about art is looking at it. 

    Like Dr. Napoleon, professor Dotson is also a mom and wife. Unlike Dr. Napoleon, professor Dotson only has one stick and poke tattoo done by the valedictorian of her art school. It is a copy of the one her college 2-D art professor had, who had more to do with her career than she realized.

    Professor Dotson can be reached via email at

    Raeanne NapoleonDr. Raeanne Napoleon

    Co-director Dr. Raeanne Napoleon will be the instructor for STEM 101. Dr. Napoleon is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and this is her 8th year at Santa Barbara City College. She has been teaching at the college level since 2004. She is also the Academic Senate President at SBCC and the Department Chair of Chemistry. In the summer of 2018 Dr. Napoleon directed a Study Abroad program in Germany and the Netherlands.

    Dr. Napoleon is an east coast transplant who moved to Santa Barbara, California in 2012. After growing up in Rochester, NY, she moved to Philadelphia to attend the University of the Sciences. She lived and learned there for six years and considers Philly to be the greatest city in the world. She moved to Boston after Philadelphia to attend Boston University for her graduate work and it's there that she started riding and racing bicycles, while completing her Ph.D. in theoretical physical chemistry. Though some days it feels like she has this teaching science thing figured out, she is constantly trying to improve her teaching. She tries her best to center her science curriculum around making science accessible to everyone and demystifying it. Dr. Napoleon is also a mom, a wife, an activist, and covered in tattoos.

    Dr. Raeanne Napoleon can be reached via e-mail at

  • SBCC study abroad programs offer a variety of cultural events and class activities as part of the learning experience. While you will have free time to explore the areas on your own, the following activities are included as part of the program:

    Please note that all excursions and stie visits are subject to availability and may be substituted for another destination without prior notice.

  • You do not have to be currently enrolled at SBCC to apply for the program. However, you must meet the following requirements to participate in the program:
    • Must be in good academic standing
    • Must be at least 18 years old on the day of departure
    • Must successfully complete the application process

    After acceptance to the program and official program go announcement:

    • Must enroll at SBCC for the summer 2022 term in order to participate in the program
    • Must provide proof of international health insurance
    • Must complete and return all required documentation for SBCC and CEPA
    • Must make program payments by the established deadlines via Flywire
    • Must register for the courses offered on the program
    • Please note that this program has a Covid-19 vaccination requirement. CEPA does not allow for exceptions of this requirement.

    Trip cancelation and Interruption "Cancel for Any Reason" (CFAR) insurance is strongly encouraged. You can get a sample quote from InsureMyTrip HERE. (Be sure to click "view details" and check "Cancel For Any Reason" to get the correct coverage.) Other insurance providers are available. Visit our Health & Safety page for more providers and information.

    Enrollment in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) of the U.S. Department of State prior to leaving the U.S. is advised for all travelers:

    Participants must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination to participate in this program. The Green Pass or equivalent (CDC White Card) is necessary to enter the country and most buildings. Participants’ proof of vaccination (their CDC Card) must indicate the last dose within the previous 9 months, so if you received your second dose (or single dose) pr booster before October 2021, you will need to have a booster prior to departure.

    There is no major or language requirement for this program.

    Acceptance and participation in the program is not guaranteed until you have completed the interview with the program director and all required documents are received by the Study Abroad office.

  • STEM 101 Introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (3 Units)
    Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 98 and ENG 103 and MATH 104 or MATH 107 or MATH 111.

    Introduction to sciences (biology, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, engineering, geography, mathematics, physics) and their interdependence. Discussion of the scientific method through project-based activities, testing of hypotheses, systematic questioning, and analysis. Basic concepts of the sciences, the role of science as a human endeavor, and the power of scientific inquiry. Careers in sciences and educational planning.
    Transfer Information: CSU Transferable, UC Transferable

    ART 140 Studio Art Foundations (2-D) (3 Units)

    Beginning course in 2-D studio art covering the fundamentals of composition and color. Survey of art making processes. Theory of a variety of art concepts and application of image-making.
    Transfer Information: CSU Transferable, UC Transferable
    Students who have already taken ART 140 can arrange to take an alternative upper-level art course with the instructor.

    Link to short video about ART 140

  •  4,090 Euros (approximately $4,866.6 - based on  € 1 = $1.1899 current currency conversion rate - this total can change based on the conversion rate at time of payment)
    * based on 20-24 students
    **does not include flight, enrollment fees, non-resident tuition (if applicable, books, and any other items not specifically listed as included)
    *** includes non-refundable €400  application fee

    Optional Add-On: Carbon Footprint donation of $10: You have the option to voluntarily compensate the CO2 emissions created during your program through the CEPA Carbon Reduction and Biodiversity Project in Costa Rica. You can make a tax-deductable donation, which will be used to plant and maintain one or more tree(s) in the biodiversity project. Details about the project and how to offset your travels can be found at

    Please note that CEPA will invoice each student for the application fee and subsequent program payment. Students will make their program payments via Flywire.  Watch this video to see how to use Flywire

    Program Fee Includes:

    - Transportation and entrance tickets to required fieldtrips and excursions(see 'Program Highlights")
    - Twin-room in hotels (see more under "Housing")
    - Breakfast at the hotels
    - Welcome and Farewell dinner
    - Guest Lectures
    - Local guides and private guided tours
    - Cultural, academic and professional experiences as listed on the itinerary
    - On-site coordinator
    - Orientation including health and safety information
    - Transportation from and to the airport abroad
    - Train tickets as noted in the itinerary and public transportation passes in Vienna (Kernzone Wien), Munich (Zone M), Berlin (Zone AB) and Amsterdam (GVB ticket)

    Program Fee Does Not Include:

    - Round-trip airfare (an optional group flight will be available at an estimated $tbd) see "Travel"
    - Passport or visa fees if applicable (passport must be valid until 6 month after program return date)
    - Meals and beverages other than those listed
    - SBCC tuition, fees (non-residents are required to pay out-of-state or out-of-country fees), books
    - Personal or other miscellaneous expenses
    - Additional housing cost for quarantine if necessary. CEPA will support efforts in securing a altenate room for quarantine, but cost for quarantine housing are not included in the program cost.
    - Additional fieldtrips and excursions to those listed
    - Option for participants to voluntarily compensate the CO2 emissions created during the program through the CEPA Carbon Reduction and Biodiversity Project in Costa Rica. Students can make a tax-deductuble donation, which will be used to plant and maintain one or more tree(s) in the biodiversity project.
    - Any other items not specifically listed as included
    - Hotel charges for personal consumption, such as minibar, laundry, and phone calls

  • €400  application fee via Flywire, due upon acceptance to the program and receipt of CEPA invoice, no later than April 8, 2022.

    €3,690 2nd and final payment due on or before May 26, 2022.

    All payments must be made via Flywire, due upon acceptance to the program and receipt of CEPA invoice, no later than the above listed due dates.

    Please note that CEPA will invoice students for the application fee and program payments, and students will use  Flywire to make their program payments directly to CEPA. The payments are made in Euros and Flywire will use the currency conversion rate at the time of payment. Final cost may differ based on the conversion rate at the time of payment. Total cost may be less than the listed program cost should more than 24 students participate in the program. Students are strongly encouraged to read the Flywire instructions and guidelines before making the payments.

  • Please note that the group fligth was cancelled and you will need to purchase your own flight. Frosch Student Travel can support you in your purchase.

    SBCC strongly encourages participants to purchase Travel Cancelation and Interruption insurance with "Cancel for any reason (CFAR). There are several providers and policies available. Two plans we suggest are CISI Travel Protection or Insure My Trip. Neither are associated with SBCC and SBCC can not take responsibility for the policies.

  • Twin-rooms in 2-3-star hotels in each location.
    - Hotel IBIS Wien Mariahilf - Vienna
    - Hotel IBIS - Munich
    - Citadines Kurfuerstendamm - Berlin
    - Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam City Center

    **Should a participant test positive for Covid-19 during the program, and therefore need to self-quarantine outside of the program housing, CEPA will assist in locating temporary housing for that participant as quickly as possible. The cost will depend on room availability at the time and location and students will be charged by the hotel directly for as many days as quarantine is necessary. The participant will need to remain in the temporary quarantine housing for the duration of the illness and until cleared by local health authorities. CEPA and the program directors will assist with ordering food and supplies for home delivery, for which participants will cover the costs.

  • Application Deadline extended to April 4, 2022. ONLY COMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. THE STUDENT CONDUCT FORM MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE SCHOOL OFFICIAL AT YOUR SCHOOL RESPONSIBLE FOR STUDENT CONDUCT. (At SBCC this form needs to be completed by Candee Gyll ( PRIOR TO submitting it with your application. Please submit a recent photo of you with your application. DO NOT SUBMIT A COPY OF YOUR PASSPORT.

    Please note that the group fligth was cancelled and you will need to purchase your own flight. Frosch Student Travel can support you in your purchase.

    Click here to go to the ONLINE APPLICATION

    Download and complete required documents BEFORE starting your online application:
    - Student Conduct Release Form

    If you are or have most recently been a SBCC student, please submit this form to complete to Candee Gyll at Students from other schools must submit this form to the Official at your school that handles student conduct. Please complete and sign the top of the form and  identify the program as "Germany Summer 2022 Program" before you pass it on to get completed by the school official.

    Please make sure you read all the instructions on the appliation page before starting to fill out your application as you will not be able to save and continue the form. You will need to complete your required documents prior to starting the application. 
    After review of your application, the program co-directors professor Napoleon or professor Dotson will schedule and interview with you. As long as SBCC staff is working remotely or if you live outside of the Santa Barbara area,  interviews will be held by phone, Zoom or Skype.
    Once you have officially been accepted to the program you will be required to submit the €400 program deposit via Flywire directly to CEPA, our service provider. This fee is due upon receipt of the invoice from CEPA, which will be sent to your closer to the program application deadine (however please note that this is an exception due to Covid and you are responsible for and agree to pay the non-refundable application fee upon acceptane to the program even if you decide to withdraw prior to the application deadline.) The fee becomes non-refundable at the time you are accepted into the program. Please review the cancelation policy below and on the CEPA website.
    Subsequent payments must be made directly to CEPA via Flywire. Failure to make any payment when due will automatically cancel you from the program. You may request to be re-instated to the program. If space is still available at the time of your request, the outstanding payment is due immediately. Re-instatement can not be guaranteed.

    For questions about the application or the application process please contact the Study abroad office.

    Other deadlines:

    Apply for the program by March 27, 2022, if you are planning on participating in the group flight.

    Pay the application fee by April 8, 2022.

    Pay the final payment of the program fee directly to CEPA by May 26, 2022 via Flywire.

    Submit Student Participation Agreement 10 days after receiving the acceptance notice.

    Provide a copy of your passport, legal documents, proof of international health insurance no later than April 26, 2022.

    Check your e-mail frequently to find any additional deadlines for event RSVP's, legal documents, group flight reservation and other program related information.

  • Students must inform CEPA and SBCC Study Abroad of cancellation from the program in writing. Your notice of cancellation will only be effective from the moment it is received in writing. Upon cancellation, the following charges apply:

    • up to 79 days prior to departure date: no charge
    • 78-75 days prior to departure date: 10% of program costs
    • 74-60 days prior to departure date: 25% of program costs
    • 59-30 days prior to departure date: 50% of program costs
    • 29-15 days prior to departure date: 75% of program costs
    • 14 days or less prior to departure date: 100% of program costs

    * In addition to these fees, any unrecoverable expenses and/or cancellation charges imposed by any service provider will be charged

  • Proof of international medical insurance is required on this program. If your current health insurance policy does not include international coverage, please purchase addtional health insurance. SBCC does not partner with insurance agencies, but can suggest a few providers such as CISI, Allianz Insurance, AIG Travel GuardGeoBlue, or International Insurance.

    SBCC strongly encourages students to purchase Trip Cancelation and Interruption insurance with CFAR (Cancel for any reason) and/or IFAR (Interrupt for any reason) add on in case the programs gets canceled after non-refundable costs can not be returned. The add on is required in order to recover costs should the program get canceled due Covid-19.

    You can find more insurance provider suggestions in our Health & Safety Section or compare plans at Squaremouth

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    Enjoy this blog from one of the students who went on the STEM program to Germany in 2019.

    SBCC Study Abroad has teamed with CEPA in Germany to provide the program logistics, housing, excursions and more. Founded in 1997, CEPA is a German-based company which specializes in university-level academic faculty-led programs, summer and semester programs, as well as the organization of higher level seminars and professional workshops. CEPA is proud of their expert knowledge and years of experience in university-level study abroad programming. Their success is measured by their growth, which has occurred, virtually, by “word of mouth”, due to their outstanding personalized service and flexibility. 


    Given the ever-evolving nature of COVID-19 circumstances and our aim to ensure that all program participants have a unique, unforgettable, immersive, and safe time abroad, CEPA, our service provider, and SBCC require that all program participants (students, faculty leaders, spouses alike) be fully vaccinated prior to their departure for Europe. 

    You can find CEPA's Covid-19 Safety Guidance and Emergency Protocol HERE.

    Health and Safety Protocol Please read latest Covid-related requirements and more Here. We try to provide you with the latest information, however, please note that this may not always be possible. 

    As the majority of European citizens are now fully vaccinated, local regulations provide the freedom to explore, learn, travel, and partake in the unique cultural experiences we have offered for many years. In most cases. However, these freedoms apply solely to fully-vaccinated individuals (or those who have recently recovered from COVID-19). Non-vaccinated individuals must present a negative test (sometimes a PCR test) for all activities. In most cases, these official tests are only valid for 24 hours, time consuming, and are at the individual’s expense.

    Some countries have stricter regulations, declaring that only vaccinated or recovered people can participate in indoor activities (for example, restaurant and museums visits), and a negative test will not be sufficient for entry.

    All program participants deserve a transformational academic experience abroad and should be permitted equal access to all elements of their international program.

    Should a program participant test positive for Covid-9 while on the program the local health authorities will decide the place and duration of quarantine. The additional cost would need to be covered by the program participant and the cost will depend on the place of quarantine and the duration. We stongly encourage participants to select a Health Insurance plan that will cover in case of a quarantine.

  • SBCC will offer informational meetings about the program via Zoom. The program director/s will hold meetings throughout the semsters leading up to the application deadline. Please check with the program directors at or to get Meeting ID and passwort and to confirm the dates and times of meetings.

    WHAT: Information Meeting via ZOOM - Parents and friends are welcome to join. 
    Meeting ID: 921 6346 5173  Passcode: Sum2022

    March 7 - 1 pm - 2 pm 
    March 10 - 11 am - 12 pm
    March 15 - 9 am - 10 am
    IN-PERSON - East Campus, Humanities Building Room H221
    March 2 - 1 pm - 2 pm In-Person
    March 16 - 2 pm - 3 pm In Person  

Any information on this site is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered as contractual.  Information is subject to change without prior notice.

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