College Acronym Glossary

List of College Committees

AB540 Dream Act
ADC Addictive Disorders Counseling
AEBG Adult Education Block Grant
ASSIST The Articulation System Stimulating Interinstitutional Student Transfer (collects, manages, and disseminates course articulation information)
BIT Behavioral Intervention Team
BITS Banner Integrated Tagging System
BPAP Board Policies and Procedures Cmtee
BSIS Banner Schedule Interface System (for Hourly Adjunct pay - currently only used for Non-Credit but could be expanded)
CAC Curriculum Advisory Committee
CalWORKs California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Children
CAP College Achievement Program
CARE Cooperative Agencies Resources for Eductaion
CLL Center for Lifelong Learning
CLRC Cartwright Learning Resources Center
COI Committee for On-Line Instruction
COMEVO Communication Evolved - online orientation
CPC College Planning Council
CTL Committee on Teaching and Learning
DAD Digital Asset Database - (Marketing Dept Images Gallery)
DARS Degree Audit Reporting System
DE Distance Ed
DLA Directed Learning Activity (see PSS)
DSPS Disability Services and Programs for Students
DTC District Technology Committee
EOPS Extended Opportunity Programs and Services
EPAF Electronic Personnel Action Form
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning (System) --- Banner System
ESL English as a Second Language
ESP Express to Success Program
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FRC Faculty Resource Center
FTE Full Time Equivalent
HIT Health Information Technology
iPATH General Ed Transfer Program
ISE Enterprise job schedule used in IT
ITC Instructional Technology Committee
MESA Math, Engineering, Science Achievement
META Curriculum software (replacing Curricunet)
OCLC Online Computer Library Center
OMNI OmniUpdate -- website content management system
P&R Planning and Resources
PDAC Prof. Development Advisory Committee
PDC Professional Development Center
PSC Portal Steering Committee
PSS Partnership for Student Success
SIRS Supplemental Instruction Reporting System
SEP Student Ed Plan
SLO Student Learning Outcomes
SOMA School of Media Arts
SPA Positive Attendance tracking
SRC Staff Resource Center
SSO Single Sign On
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
TAP Transfer Achievement Program
TAG Transportation Alternatives Group
TLC Transfer Leadership Center
TLU Teaching Load Unit

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