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Careers in Addictive Disorders Counseling

Use the links and videos on this page to consider options in this field.  For career advice taking your educational goal, interests, personality, skills, and experience into consideration, drop in at the Career Center or make an appointment with a Career Counselor. For specific course planning, see an academic counselor.

SBCC Offerings


Use this comprehensive website to see varied areas of employment and get strategies on how to succeed in addiction and counseling  related fields

Research options selected options including salaries, education needs with robust career database. Videos, too! Here's a specific link for Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors and for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers.

Eureka: Use this powerful interactive tool to explore majors, schools and careers. Create your own account using the SBCC site ID code: VUOHNDU. You can also find comprehensive major overviews, including links to majors at UC and Cal State schools and see  "related majors" and  "related occupations," or explore by occupation areas of interest.
 Click here for exploration of careers in health care, management, and administration 

Consider doing an information interview, job shadow, or internship with a local employer. This local list is a start!

See the Career Center’s Video Library for panels of local employers and SBCC alumni sharing about their fields.  Check out Roadtrip Nation that includes documentaries done by students who interview leaders from nearly all walks of life across the nation.  For additional exploration, see Career OneStop’s industry videos covering hundreds of jobs, grouped into 16 career clusters.

See the CCC systemwide Career Education "I Can Go to College" website with academic options, videos and salaries by industry, and to find programs across all CA community colleges. For SBCC options, see the Career Center’s Career Education webpage