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Résumés, Cover Letters and Interviews

A résumé is a concise way to introduce yourself to a potential employer and an interview is your chance to show an employer that you will be a good fit for the position and the company.  Both are job search essentials. Below are tools which will help you create or refine your résumé and help you put your best foot forward.

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Interested in watching a video on how to write a résumé? Go to LinkedIn Learning by logging into the campus portal, clicking on the Student tab, then Student Resources. LinkedIn Learning is located under the "Class Resources" section. Start your search in LinkedIn Learning with "Writing a Resume."

Get Set for Success

Résumés and Cover Letters
  • Before you begin, see the components of a résumé and  cover letter. Here you will find some helpful tips.
    Résumé and Cover Letter Essentials
  • Here is a Resume Checklist you can use to see if you have covered the elements in your résumé.
  • Filling in the Résumé Worksheet can help you get started on writing the content of your résumé.
    Résumé Worksheet
  • You are always welcome to attend a Career Center Résumé Workshop or drop in for individual assistance.

Chronological Google Resume Example (To Edit Example: Click File <Make a Copy> <Rename 'Your Name - Resume")
Chronological Résumé Example (Word Format to Edit: Click <Save As> and store file on your computer 

Individuals who have employment gaps or a long work history might benefit from using a functional résumé.
Functional Résumé and Reasons for Use  
Functional Résumé Template (Word format)

Including action words in your résumé can be a powerful tool to communicate your work history. Remember to use present tense when describing your accomplishments and responsibilities for a current job, and past tense for former jobs.
Action Words for Résumés

References are not typically placed on a résumé. They are a list of contacts that a prospective employer, during the hiring process, may use to find out more about you. Aim for at least three references of people who know you well enough to vouch for your character, skills and qualifications.  Remember to ask permission of those who you want to include if they are willing to be included on your list. 
Sample Reference Page
Here is a Cover Letter Tip Sheet created from that is useful.  This letter provides you with a sample of the type of content and the format to use for a cover letter. 
Cover Letter Template (Word format)

You can use this worksheet to list the employer's ideal candidate based on the job description and mark how much you qualify for the position, along with providing specific examples that show your qualifications.
Ideal Candidate Worksheet 

Interviews and Information Interviews

The guideline below is packed with information to help you feel more confident before your job interview. You are welcome to drop in or make an appointment to do mock interview practice sessions, too. 
Guidelines for an Effective Interview 

Watch Mastering Common Interview Questions 
 - Open your campus account and click on Student Resources
 - Under Class Resources, click on LinkedIn Learning
 - In the search field, enter "Mastering Common Interview Questions"
 - View the course

Information Interviews are a great way to gain experience interviewing and to learn more about professionals and organizations in which you are interested. They are interviews YOU request and set up.  Please feel free to come by the Career Center to find out more and how we can help your career development and job search.
Information Interviewing

 Workshop Presentations (PPT)