Resources and Policies

The Community Education Center has been merged with the newly established Wake Dream Center.  The Wake Dream Center is located in Wake Room #22 and provides basic technical advising and immigration referral services. For questions, please call (805)683-8270.

Our students receive support from our Student Support Services Office located in Room 2 at the Schott Campus. You can customize your educational plan, or receive an orientation.   Click here for more information.

For information on disability services and programs for students click here

Some financial assistance in the form of small grants is available.  For Adult High School and GED, these include an Emergency Grant, a GED Exam Grant (to help with the cost of GED exams), a Book Grant, and a Basic Skills/ESL Grant.

To access noncredit curriculum resources, such as MQ Handbook, Noncredit Curriculum Guide, and Attendance Accounting Manual, click here

To access noncredit instructor resources, click here

To sign up to receive emergency notifications from SBCC and view other emergency services information click here
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The Santa Barbara City College Safety & Security Report is provided to members of the campus community in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act. To obtain a copy of the report, go to:

Through the School of Extended Learning, Santa Barbara City College offers a wide range of classes in all of which enrollment is on a voluntary basis. Some classes involve physical activity or the use of specialized tools or equipment, and such classes may expose the student to risk of personal injury. Enrollment and participation in classes must be with the assumption of risk by the student who, by registering for the class, voluntarily assumes such risk. Santa Barbara Community College District assumes no liability for injury arising from participation in classes.

Throughout each term and summer session, the Santa Barbara Community College District may sponsor voluntary off-campus, co-curricular field trips and excursions. If you choose to participate, you should be aware that, pursuant to the California State Code of Regulations, Sub-Chapter 5, Section 55450, you have agreed to hold the District, its officers, agents and employees harmless from any and all liability or claims which may arise out of, or be in connection with, your participation in the activity.
To access the SBCC Discrimination Complaint Procedure click here
SBCC allows high school students in grade 9 (age 14) to enroll in School of Extended Learning classes if they follow specific registration and enrollment procedures found here.
A student enrolling at Santa Barbara City College, including noncredit classes, is required to adhere to the Standards of Student Conduct. Students are subject to Student Discipline Procedures (Administrative Procedure 5520) for any misconduct for any of the offenses outlined in the Policy. View policies here. 
Please refer to this policy, which includes Schott and Wake campuses.

All classes are open to persons age 18 or over, unless otherwise noted, or who are not enrolled in a secondary school. Those under 18 who have a high school diploma are also eligible. Exceptions to the age 18 eligibility requirement can be made for a student who submits a “Minor Enrollment Request Form.”

The primary mission of the School of Extended Learning is to educate students eligible for enrollment. Children under the age of 14 are NOT allowed in classrooms except in designated parent education classes or in other offerings designed for parent and child. School of Extended Learning facilities cannot be used as a substitute for child care and children cannot be left unattended or unsupervised on campus. Students not complying with this policy will be informed of the policy provisions and asked to remove their children from the premises. Students failing to comply with such a request shall face dismissal from the class.

The institution’s faculty and students are free to examine and test all knowledge appropriate to their discipline or area of major study as judged by the academic/educational community in general. Regardless of institutional affiliation or sponsorship, the institution maintains an atmosphere in which intellectual freedom and independence exist.
BP 4030 Academic Freedom

Every effort is made to offer a curriculum that is diverse, thought-provoking and responsive to the needs and interests of the community. However, the ideas presented in classes do not necessarily reflect those of the Santa Barbara Community College District, the School of Extended Learning or employees.

Online registration is available approximately two weeks to one month before the term starts. We urge you to register early for your class to secure your space and keep the class from canceling due to low enrollment. Class registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and no visitors or auditors are allowed. For more information go to SEL Admissions and Records.