Faculty and Staff

Radiologic and Imaging Sciences


Full-time Faculty

Name Position Phone/Ext. E-mail
Oda, Bruce Director/Department Chair (805) 965-0581 x4374
Fonseca, Israel Clinical Coordinator (805) 892-3725 x3725


Adjunct Instructors

Name Position E-mail
Blanco, Connie Instructor
Friedman, Julie Clinical Supervisor
Kuenzinger, James  Instructor/Clinical Supervisor jdkuenzinger@pipeline.sbcc.edu
Scudelari, Charles Instructor cvscudelari@pipeline.sbcc.edu
Steele, Sean Instructor srsteele@pipeline.sbcc.edu
Windmiller, Cynthia Instructor/Clinical Supervisor ccwindmiller@pipeline.sbcc.edu

Administration and Staff

Name Position Phone/Ext. E-mail
Price, Alan Dean (805) 965-0581 aprice3@pipeline.sbcc.edu
  Program Support (805) 730-4166 healthtech@pipeline.sbcc.edu