Program Requirements and Course Prerequisites

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS & COURSE PREREQUISITES ā€“ Prior to the start of the 18 month program:

    1. Proof of high school graduation or equivalency (not required if student has an Associate or Bachelor degree posted on their college transcripts).
    2. TEAS (Version 7)* Math score of 62% or completion of Math 107 (or equivalent college math course) or higher math.
    3. TEAS (Version 7)* Reading Score 66% 
    4. Anatomy and Physiology course. At SBCC -BMS 100 The Human Body, or BMS 107 Human Anatomy and BMS 108 Human Physiology (or equivalent). No recency.
    5. CNA certificate obtained within 5 years of the cohort start date or an active California CNA license.  
    6. All Requirements must be completed with a grade of ā€œCā€ or higher.                                                                                          

* TEAS is a Test of Essential Academic Skills. Register for TEAS testing at  TEAS test results are to be submitted directly from ATI to the Health Technologies Office.

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