Earth and Planetary Sciences Awards

student receiving award

Awards Presented on May 1, 2020, via Zoom

Academic Awards

Marschak Astronomy (SBCC Foundation Scholarship) - Kenny Galindo

Nate Simpson

Arzate, Jessica
Bonsell, Katherine
Hajic, Zachary
Johnson, Olivia
Masanzi, Kennedy
Ujifusa, Tyler
Donahue, Benjamin
Duggan, Adam
Mitchell, Carter

Dr. Robert S. Gray Award - Outstanding Geological Sciences Major  - Lydia Kaestner

Jan Dependahl Spirit of Geology Award - Excellence and Dedication to the Field - Alex Sasich

Thomas Bennett Award - Outstanding First Year Geology Student - Paris  White and Cody Atwood

Marty McCreary Selfridge Geology Scholarship - For Academic Achievement and Department Involvement - Katherine Bonsell

Doug McGibbon Field Award - For Dedication to the Field of Geology - Ardyn Wallo

Muriel Norton Award - for an Outstanding Geology Major involved in CGS events  - Joe Dattillo

Ronald A. Chromy Memorial Scholarships (SBCC Foundation) - Taji Tanner and  Katheriine Bonsell

Carl Sagan Memorial Science Scholarship (SBCC Foundation) - Austin Abreu

Jeff Marshall Award - Chiara Corbo and David Nims

Happy Face of Geology - Riley Vance-Geydesen

Successful Completion of Mineralogy-Petrology - Kyle Davis

Off-Campus Recognition

Sandra Jensen

Jorge Barron
Joe Datillo
Taylor Trevino
Alex Sasich
Chiara Corbo
Taji Tanner
Ardyn Wallo
Jorge Barron
Alex Sasich

Congratulations to our award recipients and all our students for what you bring to the department. Your energy, enthusiasm, and committment, make our department the wonderful place that it is!