Student Account Holds

To View Your Hold:
- Login to the campus portal

- Select Student tab
- Select Student Records
- View Pre-Registration Requirements and Holds

Holds are placed on your student account to provide you with information about possible restrictions to college services such as registering for courses and receiving a diploma.

  • Not all holds restrict registration.
  • If your hold is not viewable, then it is an internal indicator for your Financial Aid program and will not inhibit your registration or any other college activity. Please disregard.  (See first two bulltets below for screenshots and details.)
  • For more information on your specific hold, find your hold type (from portal instructions to left) in the list below. 
  • Additional assistance available by contacting the Department listed next to the hold. 


Student’s whose hold RESTRICTS registration will view their portal screens as follows. 

 Example of an Outstanding Balance hold 


Students whose holds DO NOT restrict registration, nor any other college activities, are viewable on your portal screens as follows: 

These holds do not impact registration and is generally an internal indicator for administrative purposes.

Hold may not be viewed on web

A Bookstore Hold is the result of an outstanding balance at the Campus Bookstore.  The Cashiers Office can not clear this hold. This must be settled with the Campus Store directly. 

Contact the Campus Store at (805) 730-4047 | SBCC Books Customer Support

A Dean's hold restricts registration, receiving your diploma, among other college activities. 

Please contact Dr. Christopher Johnson, Associate Dean of Student Support Services.  (805) 730-4078

Contact Outreach and Orientation at 805-730-4450 /

The Cashiers Office is unable to release hold on the Department's behalf. 

Financial Holds  If you have a financial hold on your account, please contact from your campus email with your K# or, call 805-730-4197 for assistance. 

An outstanding balance hold is placed on the student account when there is a balance due on the student account. To resolve this hold, payment will need to be made in full on your account. The hold will be automatically released in 20-30 minutes. 

Payment of fees may be made online through your campus portal by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). Log on your campus account, on the home page, click "Student”, “Pay My Bill". Select the term, click "Submit". You will see the amount due. Click the “Click to Pay by Credit Card" button, and then follow the instructions. Once you complete the payment process, a receipt will be sent to you.

Reason for hold: Unreturned items due back to the Physical Education department.

  1. Contact Physical Education Department to return the item or dispute the hold. 
  2. Email the Casheirs Office to pay the fee and have your hold released. 

Reason for hold: Unreturned items due back to the Learning Resource Center. 

  1. Contact Learning Resource Center to return the item or dispute the hold. 
  2. Email the Casheirs Office to pay the fee and have your hold released. 

Collection Hold -  SBCC works with First Financial Resources. Your debt has been passed on to a collection agency if you have a collection hold. 

Students must request a payment confirmation email be sent to for a release of your student account hold.  Confirmations are received within 2-3 business days.

First Financial Resources, Inc. *
495 Old Connecticut Path, Suite 220
Framingham MA 01701-4567
Call Toll Free: 800-747-2302
Fax: 508-647-1557

*Note the First Financial Resources hyperlink is a Third Party vendor website; accessing the site will take you away from this page.

Parking Citations are issued when an individual has parked without the proper permitting or in an illegitimate parking space. 

Unpaid parking citations may result in an administrative hold being placed on a student’s record. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will also be notified of all unpaid citations.  For more information about Parking Citations, contact the Campus Safety Department.  Resolve the hold by paying the balance in full as follows: 

1. Pay for your citation:
- Pay in person at the Cashiers Office. Be prepared to provide your student ID (K#).
- Online at - Note the PayMyCite hyperlink is a Third Party vendor website; accessing the site will take you away from this page.
- Pay by Phone Toll Free: 866-450-2527 

2. Contact the Campus Safety Department at with your K# after you have paid your citation in full in order to have your hold released.  Please consider it could take up to 24 hours to process the payment.

Students who are requesting accommodations on the basis of disability, including an alternate format of these petitions and forms, should make an appointment with a DSPS (Disability Services and Programs for Students) Specialist in the Student Services Building, Room 160 or call 805-730-4164 or email