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About Our Department

At SBCC, the academic disciplines of Political Science and Economics are grouped into one academic department, the Department of Political Science and Economics

In addition to offering the Political Science and Economics programs and majors, the department is also the academic home to the following programs: the Global and International Studies Program, and the Middle East Studies Program.  

Please click on the individual program links below to learn more about each major, including the degrees we offer.

Contact Information (full time faculty): 

Political Science
Dr. Andrea B. Haupt 
Email: abhaupt@pipeline.sbcc.edu
Office and Phone: IDC-351, ext. 3735

Ruth Morales 
Email: rmorales@sbcc.edu
Office and Phone: IDC 350, ext. 4045

Global and International Studies
Dr. Andrea B. Haupt
Email: abhaupt@pipeline.sbcc.edu
Office and Phone: IDC-351, ext. 3735

Middle East Studies
Dr. Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar 
Email: eskandar@sbcc.edu 
Office and Phone: IDC-352, ext. 4235

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