I'm Wait-listed, Now What?

UC Wait-List Facts

  • You may receive wait-list offers from more than one campus.
  • You may accept as many waitlist offers as you wish.
  • Waitlist offers will be made by the end of April for transfers.
  • Once offered a spot on a waitlist, you must opt in by the stated deadline. Instructions for doing so will be included with the waitlist notification.
  • Even if you accept a waitlist offer at a UC campus (or several), you should submit a Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) by the stated deadline to a UC campus or other institution to which you have been accepted to ensure you can attend in the fall.
  • If you later accept an offer of admission from a UC campus where you have been waitlisted, you will forfeit your deposit at the first campus and must submit an additional SIR and deposit.
  • Waitlisted transfer applicants will be notified of their status by July 1.
  • SIRs of waitlisted students will be considered on time for purposes of housing and orientation, provided they are submitted by the deadline stated in the offer of admission.
  • Applicants who feel they have grounds for an appeal should submit one, but they should keep in mind that the purpose of the appeal process is to deal with errors and compelling new information and hardship.
  • You cannot appeal for a spot on the wait-list.

For more specific information, log-in to your university portal or contact the university where you have been wait-listed.

UC Wait List FAQs