Bougainvillea is a native flower to Santa Barbara and grows outside of SBCC's Student Services Building.

Major Board Resolutions

Board resolutions reflect the Board's (1) affirmation of legal requirements placed upon the District and/or its governing body; (2) position on current events or emerging issues of relevance to the institution; and/or (3) statements of principles and philosophy inherent in Board policies. 

Resolution No. 26 Support for President Obama's America's College Plan (2015)

Resolution No. 40 Classified School Employee Week (2015)

Resolution No. 43 Support for Isla Vista Governance (2015)

Resolution No. 12 Recognition for the Foundation for Santa Barbara City College (2016)

Resolution No. 18 Board of Governors Resolution in Support for a New Model for an Accrediting Agency (2016)

Resolution No. 27 Classified School Employee Week (2016)

Resolution No. 17 Student Success Support for all Students (2017)

Resolution No. 10 Inclusion and Campus Climate (2019)

Resolution No. 9 Declaring an Emergency and Granting Emergency Authority to the Superintendent/President to prepare and respond effectively to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (2020)

Resolution No. 1 COVID-19 Immunization (2021)

Resolution No. 2 Hispanic Heritage Month (2021)

Resolution No. 9 Support for Our Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community (2021)

Resolution No. 10 Declaring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awareness Month (2021)

Resolution No. 10 - COVID-19 Mitigation (2022)

Resolution No. 22 Election and Notice to Consolidate (2022)

Resolution No. 20 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Pride Month (2022)

Resolution No. 12 Limiting Campaign Contributions (Revised, 2023)

Resolution No. 18 Affirming Our Commitment for Black and African American Students, Faculty, and Staff (Revised, 2023-2024)