Bougainvillea is a native flower to Santa Barbara and grows outside of Santa Barbara City College's Student Services Building.

Board Goals

Annually the Santa Barbara Community College District Board of Trustees establishes a set of goals which represent its priorities for the year.  These goals provide a focus for the Board and institution and inform the public of issues of importance to Santa Barbara City College as it advances its mission and purpose.

2021-22 Annual Goals
Board approved August 26, 2021

The following are the Board goals for 2021-22, developed in the Board's July 14, 2021, retreat.  Each goal is linked to the related district strategic goal, followed by activities the Board should perform to reach the goal.

Board Goal 1: Achieve Long-term Fiscal Sustainability.
Adopt budgets that are sustainable going forward without structural deficits and realistic in consideration of adverse enrollment trends.
Related Strategic Goal:
        -Provide effective management of the District's human, fiscal, physical technological resources to increase organizational  
        effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

1.1  Review budgets to assure increased investments in strategies that support student success and equity goals.

1.2 With the future in mind, explore effective and appropriate uses of the Mackenzie Scott gift.

1.3 Discuss use of and receive regular reports on the High Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF). 

1.4 Make a decision regarding a local facilities bond measure for the college. 

1.5 Evaluate the budget for long-term sustainability in light of our mission.

Board Goal 2: Student Safety and Wellbeing
Minimize the risks of harm to students and employees. 

2.1  Monitor strategies to offer a gradual return to in person instruction with the lowest possible risk to faculty, staff, and students. 

2.2 Support policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that the physical and mental health and safety of SBCC students, employees and, when affected, the community shall be the highest priority.

Board Goal 3:  Equity at the Center of Student Learning and Success.
Monitor and support values and strategies that support student success.
Related Strategic Goals:
        -Improve student learning and achievement of educational goals.
        -Improve campus climate throughout the district.
        -Maintain positive connections with the community.

3.1 Receive regular progress reports on disaggregated student access and success data and the Vision for Success goals, including local institutional SBCC student data.

3.2 Monitor implementation of Resolution 18: Affirming Our Commitment for Black and African American Students, Faculty, and Staff.

3.3 Support efforts to identify and remove any systemic inequities in District policies and practices to facilitate fundamental institutional change.

3.4 Support community demands for robust and diverse course offerings in state supported noncredit programs.

3.5 Support expansion of SEL programs to increase access to classes throughout the District, including Carpinteria and Goleta.

3.6 Monitor improvements in the registration process at the SEL.

Board Goal 4: Board Governance
Build capacity for effective Board governance and the fulfillment of the Board's fiduciary responsibilities.
Related Strategic Goals:
        -Provide effective management of the District's human, fiscal, physical technological resources to increase organizational        
        effectiveness and environmental sustainability.
       -Improve student learning and achievement of educational goals. 
       -Improve campus climate throughout the district.

4.1  Hire an Interim Superintendent/President and plan details for the hiring of permanent Superintendent/President.

4.2 Develop onboarding activities for interim and permanent Superintendent/President.

4.3 Establish clear goals and expectations for the Interim Superintendent/President and create a relationship for achievement of the same.

4.4 To ensure consistency in practice, review college policy/procedure on participatory governance with emphasis on the Board's role.

4.5 Receive reports on and discuss lessons learned from changes made during the pandemic to guide Board policy development.

4.6 Begin discussions on required reorganization of trustee areas.