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Serving Our Campus Community

Staff Recognition

Outstanding Classified Employee of the Year

The criteria for selection is based upon an employee’s outstanding service to the Santa Barbara City College campus community. Relevant activities include serving on campus committees, involvement in community service, participation in professional and personal growth classes and workshops, professional organizations and volunteer commitments.

Emma Cruz

2021 Outstanding Classified Employee of the Year
Emma Cruz

Administrative Assistant for the School of Extended Learning

2021 Outstanding Classified Honorable Mentions:

MaryLou Huerta, Student Success Coordinator, Enrollment Services
Kevin McNichol, Earth and Planetary Science Lab/Field Technician, Earth and Planetary Science/Geography
Jeff Santarosa, Athletic Program Assistant, Athletics
Sara Volle, Assessment Coordinator, Enrollment Services

Orin Fails

2020 Classified Employee of the Year
Orin Fails

Technical Services Specialist, User Support

2020 Outstanding Classified Honorable Mentions:

Cristina Garcia Otero, Administrative Assistant II, Educational Programs
Diego Ramirez, Laboratory Technician Assistant, Physical Health Education
Lidiana Saldana, Admissions Specialist, Wake Campus
Noel Gomez, Student Program Advisor, EOPS

Maria Luisa Ramirez

2019 Classified Employee of the Year
Maria Luisa Ramirez
Facilities Assistant in the Facilities and Operations

2019 Outstanding Classified Honorable Mentions:

Roberto Lopez Carillo, Culinary Arts Lab Teaching Assistant  
Karen Shannon, Faculty Resource Center Senior Development Specialist 
Allison Chapin, Math Department Lab Teaching Assistant 
Jose "Pepe" Acosota, Maintenance Technician 

(Pictured from left to right: Dr. Pamela Ralston, Maria Luisa Ramirez, Liz Auchincloss)


outstanding employees 2018

2018 Outstanding Classified Employee of the Year:
Sherie Higgins, Administrative Assistant II to the 
Dean of Educational Programs - Career Technologies

2018 Outstanding Classified Honorable Mentions:

Victor Bryant, Catalog/Schedule Specialist, Scheduling Office
Jason Levy, Tutorial Center Coordinator
Jeff Barnes, Technology Specialist, Faculty Resource Center
Regina Reese, Lab Teaching Assistant, Learning Resources Center 

(Pictured from left to right: Jeff Barnes, Regina Reese, Sherie Higgins, Jason Levy and Victor Bryant)


Josue Miranda

2017 Classified Employee of the Year
Josue Miranda, LTA Automotive Services

2017 Classified Honorable Mentions:

Loretta Chapin, Program System Support Specialist 
Christina Lomeli, Student Program Advisor, Dual Enrollment Program
Bianca Waaler, Admissions and Records Technician 
Lorraine Valenzuela, Security Coordinator

Past Recipients

2016    Robert Brown, Faculty Resource Center
2015    Jesse Felix, Community Services
2014    Elizabeth Stein, Career Tech
2013    Raquel Alvarado, ESL
2012    Argelia Aguilera, CE - Wake
2011    Olga Gonzales, Information Technology
2010    Arnold "Dave" Gowans, Computer Science

2009    Leilani Browne, Human Resources
2008    Rosemary Santillan, International Students
2007    Richard Macabio, Auxiliary Accounts
2006    Shar-Lynn Timm, Human Resources
2005    Sandy Allain, School of Culinary Arts
2004    Jason Thornell, Information Technology
2003    Patty Ontiveros, Telephone/Mail
2002    Chris Miller, Duplicating
2001    Madeline Burridge, Health & Wellness
2000    Margaret Okinaka, Accounting

1999    Deanna Gregg, English / Math
1998    Anita Bradford, Information Technology
1997    Stella Castellanos, Human Resources
1996    Bill Regis, Library
1995    Carlos Ramirez , Security
1994    Bill Hull, Biology
1993    J.P. Dupart, Facilities & Operations
1992    Don Ion , Physics
1991    Alma Leadbetter, President's Office
1990    Helen Wilden, Bookstore

1989    Jane Marsh, Business Services
1988    Peter Raschke, Drama/Music
1987    Nancy Hull, Chemistry
1986    Merv Kerr, CE-Facilities & Operations
1985    Barbara Armstong, Business Office
1984    Rob Reilly, Information Office
1983    Bill Harz, Earth Science