Welcome to Dual Enrollment


Welcome to Dual Enrollment. Start your future now! 

Summer 2022 Priority Registration:

To look up class availability see here: https://www.sbcc.edu/classes/ 

Please note that once all documents have been submitted online, there is a 5-7 day processing timeframe on SBCC end. If you submitted forms last week, they are most likely still being processed. 

Tips for getting into a class if class is currently full: 

  • Email the instructor directly requesting an add code
  • Join the waitlist if there is one, and check Pipeline email for waitlist updates 
  • Check online schedule often as spots may become available 
  • In demand classes, additional sections are added on an ongoing basis 

We appreciate your patience as we work toward completing your request.

Vaquero Best Practices

  • Follow steps in order, as they build on each other
  • Select a reliable personal email address for account set up (used in account recovery)  Do not use your high school email, rather a personal email you check often
  • Important information is sent ONLY to your Pipeline email
  • While forms can be submitted online, they are NOT automated. Each form takes 5-7 working days to process. 
  • Use the guides in each section to avoid errors and prevent delays


Start Here:  Enrollment Steps for All High School Students

Step 1
Apply and Verify Admission Application is active for desired term
Step 3
Submit and Verify Parent Consent Form

Next Steps: Course Registration Approvals  


Your student status and course approvals are on a term by term basis. 
Prior to your registration date, you should ensure that you have completed all the required clearances.


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