Registering for Classes on your High School Campus


For Santa Barbara, San Marcos, Dos Pueblos, Carpinteria, and Bishop High School
  • Official Rosters are sent from your High school District Office with your SBCC Course

Helpful  Admissions and Parent Consent Guides:

  • Follow the steps below to confirm your regisatration has been completed. 


Check with your High School Instructor to confirm you are on the SBCC Dual Enrollment Roster 

Official Rosters are sent from high school district with your SBCC Courses. High School Instructor confirms class roster and students in course. 

Adds and Drops must be requested by the High School Instructor via this Add/Drop Form. 

Confirm you have completed all your Steps to Enrollment

Your instructor will assist you with the steps to enrollment: Including Admissions Application and Parent Consent Form. See Steps to Enrollment 

Check Account Holds
Unpaid fees, parking citations, etc. will prevent registration. Check Here 
Confirm Registration via Pipeline Account 
Students can confirm course registration via their SBCC Pipeline Account (under class schedule)
SBCC completes the registration on the students behalf; ONLY if All Enrollment Steps have been completed. 
Registration occurs over the course of the class; we appreciate your patience.