For Counselors

Welcome Counselors and Administrators!

Thank you for your support of our Dual Enrollment Students. Below you will find the Steps to Enrollment and instructions to complete each step. 

Steps to Enrollment:

Meet with student to find a class(s) that meet their needs and interests. Check to see if the requested course has a prerequisite. If yes, please complete the steps on the Classes requiring Placement or Prerequisite page. 

Students can apply to the college online here.  Please review our application guide to answer application questions accurately. 

NOTE: If you are currently taking an SBCC class, your application is still valid for the following term and you can skip this step.

Advise student to go to their Pipeline, the online student portal, and follow the prompts to 'Find Account.' They will need the last four digits of your social security number or your CCCID. The parent will need the student's  K# to complete the Parent Consent Form.

 Where is my CCCID?  Where is my K#?

4A. Parents must complete an online Parent Consent Form. This form grants parent approval for the duration of the student's high school years and can be rescinded at any time. The student K# is required to complete this form (see step 3 above).  For instructions please visit parent page Here

4B. Students must submit a course approval form by clicking on this link.  Before approving a course, please check that the course is open to dual enrollment students (above 100 level), that student meets prerequisites, that you or student have submitted the necessary prerequisite information, and that the class is actually being offered for the approved term.  Course Approval forms are required for students taking classes on the cliff campus or online.  Students must have a current application and parent consent form on file in order for their approval form to be processed.  Processing is manual, please allow 1-3 business days to process.

Once the student submits their approval form, they will receive an email with additional instructions and links to remind students to check their selected courses fro prerequistes.  Students will need to register themselves through their pipeline account once their course approval form has been processed.

Note the open registration date for all students. This is the first opportunity to register for classes and secure your spot.

**Be sure to check students course(s) for any prerequisites. Prerequisites must be met before the system will allow the student to register. Click here for information on meeting prerequisites. Find class in the online class schedule here.

Pay any mandatory fees (transportation, health) within seven days of registering for the class to avoid being dropped. Dual enrollment students do not pay the per unit enrollment fee if they enroll in 11.9 units or less. For classes taken at the main campus, only mandatory health, transportation, and student rep fees apply. Online classes only require a health fee. 

Click here for fee information.