External Math & English Coursework Evaluation


This form is only for evaluation of external math and/or English coursework toward SBCC general education requirements. 

3 Steps to complete the form:
  1. Students must work with an academic counselor to determine if this form is necessary. You can contact an academic counselor:
  2. Gather the following support documents:
    • OFFICIAL transcripts (REQUIRED)
      • Follow the instructions on Incoming Transcripts to submit your transcripts (or official evaluation report for international transcripts) to SBCC Admissions and Records and verify your transcripts have been received.
        • 3/27/20 Update: Admissions & Records is processing official transcripts but there may be significant delays from your sending institution and from mail services, and in Admission & Record's ability to process hard-copy transcripts. To avoid delays, it is recommended that your institution submit your official transcripts to SBCC electronically if they offer that service.  If you have questions or concerns please contact us at transcriptevaluation@pipeline.sbcc.edu
      • Official transcripts must be verified as received by Admissions and Records BEFORE you submit the form or your request will not be processed.
      • Do not submit transcripts to the Transcript Evaluation Office. They will not be considered official, and will not be reviewed or processed.
      • Official transcripts must be from a regionally accredited institution and show proof you have completed the required coursework or your request will be denied.
    • Additional support documents (optional)
      • If you are using AP test scores, course syllabi or outlines, or other documentation in support of your request you will need a digital copy of the document(s) to submit with your form.
      • The department may request a detailed syllabus/course outline in order to make a decision. You may want to include this when you first submit your form to avoid any delays in processing.
  3. Completely fill out and submit the form

External Math & English Coursework Request Form

Log in with your campus email address and password. If your SBCC campus email address does not work, then log into the form using your personal Google Gmail account if you have one. 

You must be enrolled at SBCC to use this form. Contact us if you are enrolled but are still unable to access the form. 

Need help to submit the form? Click here for instructions

IMPORTANT: Make sure your form is filled out completely before submitting it. Incomplete forms or forms missing support documents will not be processed.

A PDF version of the form is also available. Submit the PDF online using ShareFile (Click here for instructions) 3/27/20 Update: Do not attempt to submit hard-copy forms to Admissions & Records. The Student Services building is closed during the campus closure.  

After you submit your request:

Requests are generally processed within ten (10) business days of receipt of your completed form and all required documentation. This time frame excludes weekends, holidays, and campus closures and is subject to change without notification.  

Important Notes:

How your coursework is evaluated:

Only math and English coursework will be evaluated using this request form. Your external math and English coursework may be evaluated toward SBCC general education requirements, NOT program requirements and NOT for transfer to UC or CSU. 

Math and English coursework can be evaluated toward the following SBCC general education requirements:

  • Area D-1 English Composition (Minimum grade of "C"/2.0 or "Pass" required)
  • Area D-2 Communication and Analytical Thinking
  • Area E-1 Mathematics Requirement (Minimum grade of "C"/2.0 or "Pass" required)


  • High school math coursework is only evaluated toward SBCC GE Area E-1. 
  • A Bachelors Degree from a regionally accredited institution will only fulfill SBCC GE Area D-1. 

See the SBCC Course Catalog for additional information about SBCC general education requirements.

Contact an Academic Counselor for assistance if you have coursework you would like evaluated toward transfer or other general education requirements, or if you have any questions.