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Communication Tutoring and Learning Support Resources

WELCOME!  The Communication department offers learning support and resources for students to develop and practice their communication skills at The Multimodal Lab located in BC 102 (on West Campus, next to the West Campus Cafe) We support students across the disciplines in developing their communication skills in various modalities for their courses. We help students with public speaking and presentations, writing, interpersonal and small group communication, leadership, intercultural communication, business communication, mass media, argument and debate, and communication theory and research methods. 

Tutoring and other Learning Support Resources allow students to study and share communication concepts and ideas, which supports their academic and professional success.

Our goal is to welcome and empower students by providing an inclusive and accessible learning environment where students, staff, and faculty feel a sense of belonging and community.   

The Multimodal Lab is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10am-4pm. Please see our schedule below for additional options. 

FREE one-on-one and group tutorial support

Communication Tutoring and Learning Support is available to any student currently enrolled in a Communication course at SBCC.

Click here to view the Communication Tutoring Schedule for Fall 2023. 

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More FREE SBCC Resources to Support Your Learning and Success 

  • Students are encouraged to use the Writing Center (temporarily located in the library), which offers both in-person and online tutoring with Writing Center tutors by drop-in.
    • Writing Center Tutors support students in all subject areas with any assignment that involves writing (homework, discussions, outlines, speeches, presentations, papers).
    • Writing Center Tutors are also available to assist students with any writing related to their professional and educational goals (cover letters, resumes, applications, personal statements).
    • Tutorial support is available at any stage of the writing process, which includes many issues that frequently come up in tutoring sessions with communication students (going over complex/multi-step assignment instructions, reviewing and comprehending course material, navigating resources like course texts and Canvas, brainstorming and prewriting, drafting and revising, as well as proofreading and reviewing to ensure they are responding to assignment requirements).
    • Writing Center tutors empower students by supporting them at any stage of the learning process; they assist students in planning and structuring their learning in a way that honors their individual needs and preferences, they help them connect with resources, and they practice strategies that help students build skills and become more confident. 

  • Students may also work online or come to the Library to use the Computer and Technology Resources, and they may work in-person with one of the Computer Tutors, who support students in all subject areas with any computer or technology needs related to their coursework.
    • This is a great resource for students who need support navigating canvas, using google docs or other word processing or presentation software, and locating software tools that help them address formatting needs related to APA style guidelines (headers, hanging indents).
    • Computer Tutoring is provided by energetic and friendly peer tutors, as well as the highly-skilled and compassionate LRC Computer LTAs, Therese Schweidler and Regina Reese.

  • The SBCC Library provides a variety of support for students both online and in-person, including one-on-one service from stellar librarians and staff.
    • Students who need support in the research process or in understanding and following citation guidelines can find assistance here.
    • They can also borrow textbooks and course reserve materials from the library. Additionally, students may visit the library to check out a chromebook for an entire semester.

  • Students may also contact Information Technology (IT) for computer related questions and support through the helpdesk or Daily Zoom Drop-in Support (available Monday through Thursday, 10:30am to 8:00pm).
    • IT is the first resource I would direct students to when they encounter any challenges related to hardware or school-supplied technology. In particular, students depending on school-supplied chromebooks to complete video assignments should start by connecting with IT.

  • Information about additional support for students may be located at the Student Resource Finder.  Please explore and take advantage of the FREE campus resources that support both your well-being and academic success.




 Communication Studies Research Guides

Technology Resources and Distance Education

Writing and Citation



    • The Communication Department has openings for for the position of Communication Tutor.  We are looking for students who enjoy learning and are enthusiastic about sharing their experience and skills to support other students in the learning process.  This is an in-person, on-campus part-time position which may also include remote work. 

    • The Communication Department has openings for FALL 2023 for the position of Communication Laboratory Assistant (CLA). This is an in-person, on-campus part-time position which may also include remote work.

    • Please contact Michelle Detorie if you have any questions.




  • If you have questions about the Communication Lab or its resources, please feel free to contact Michelle Detorie.

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